Friday, December 13, 2013

Bacon & Cheese Crunch Rolls!

What you’ll need for some serious Crispy, Cheesy, Bacon filled Goodness:
Large Egg Roll per each Roll
String Cheese/Mozzarella Sticks…one per each Roll slice per each Roll (either crispy or raw will work)
Marinara..for dipping
**I highly suggest crisping up the Bacon first..however, if you don’t mind tender Bacon simply wrap the raw Bacon around the Cheese stick and place it at a diagonal on the Egg Roll Wrapper, it will cook but it won’t get crispy when you fry it!**
Otherwise, simply place the Cheese Stick and the already crispy Bacon on the Egg Roll Wrapper.  Moisten the edges with some water and proceed to roll it up tightly…
Fry them in approx. 2″ of Oil until they’re crispy and golden, drain them on some Paper Towel…
Be sure to serve them up nice and hot…
Grab a few for!
And get your melty & crunchy, Bacon filled, Fried Cheese on! ~Enjoy!

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